Must be enrolled in a college science curriculum


Summer 2021 Internship Applications -

Now Accepting.

Please email application to tschmaltz@chahinkapazoo.org
& apaul@chahinkapazoo.org

Now accepting Education 2021 Internship Applications. 

Please email application to education@chahinkapazoo.org

Guest Services 


(Admissions, Gift Shop/Concessions, & Carousel)


Why work at Chahinkapa Zoo?


*Flexible work schedule and shifts

*You learn about Chahinkapa Zoo’s mission.

*You gain the experience of working for an accredited zoo.

*You meet Chahinkapa Zoo’s animals & learn their story.

*You learn great customer service skills that are utilized
  & necessary in any kind of job field.

*You learn to be more outgoing. 

*You have fun, fun, fun!

*You meet new people.



Please email application to bmyhra@chahinkapazoo.org



Please email application to administration@chahinkapazoo.org kdiekman@chahinkapazoo.org